Smartwatch for kids, a really great gift idea. Our little friends are sure to love it thanks to the cheerful design, the screen with bright colors, but also its smart functions. But the positives do not stop here, as a really smart watch for children, such as the new SKIDO smartwatch from DAS.4, has functions that can even protect them in their daily lives. So if you are thinking of giving such a valuable gift to your boy or girl, then let us discover together all its advantages.

Smartwatch for kids: These are the features that make the difference

1. Ability to locate a child via GPS

Every dad or mom wants to know where their child is at all times. A smartwatch for children with built-in GPS can offer this feature, thus ensuring the absolute safety of the child. Our little friends, wearing the new SKIDO Smartwatch with GPS, send a signal about where they are thanks to the combination of four tracking frequencies, which is recorded through an app. Thus, their parents, who have downloaded the app on their mobile phone, can be informed and receive notifications at any time, when the child is outside the defined safety zone.

2. Possibility of SOS phone calls

Most children now have a cell phone for emergencies. But there are many times when they forget where it  is or neglect to pay attention to any calls. Of course, this is never going to happen when they wear a smartwatch like the SKIDO smartwatch. This device has a SIM card slot and supports both incoming and outgoing calls. In fact, it has the ability to SOS calls to default numbers. So, when the child needs to call dad or mom, they can do it easily and quickly with the push of a button. The watch does not allow calls from unknown numbers.

+ All the modern functions of a smartwatch adapted to the needs of children

A modern smartwatch for state-of-the-art children is not inferior to anything compared to a classic smartwatch. Among other things, the new SKIDO smartwatch from DAS.4 is equipped with a Full Touch Panel screen 240 * 240, while it is IP67 dustproof only certified. Its battery lasts up to 4 days, while it is fully compatible with Android and iOS software.

Choose the ideal smartwatch for children

Are you looking for the perfect smart children’s watch? The new SKIDO smartwatch, thanks to its countless possibilities, is your best choice. With a friendly menu for children and a youthful design that stands out, it is the absolute must-have gadget that the little ones will love and the big ones will appreciate. Discover its special functions such as:

  • SOS support 3 numbers
  • Reject stranger call support
  • Class forbidden support
  • Lower power alarm support
  • 20 numbers can be added
  • Alarm Clock
  • Beidou Location
  • Family number Support,
  • Glonass location
  • SMS support

It is available in two vivid colors for all tastes: the light blue color for the boy and the light rose color for the girl. Get it today through or visit your nearest authorised retailer throughout Greece.

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