There are many things that can be said of the potentials of a good analog watch that has kept its place through the modern era. Watches, specifically smartwatches have not only become a simple accessory, but an important part of our daily life that helps us with their functions!

In this article explore with us some of our favorite DAS.4 smartwatches for men and women that not only will elevate any style but will also introduce you to the vast world of technology…directly from your wrist!

SG20 Smartwatch, Modern and minimal design.

It can accommodate to any clothe in your closer whether its formal or ethnic style! This elegant unisex smartwatch has comfortable silicone strap in black, blue, red and yellow color with 1.32-inch round screen. The smartwatch SG20 is a stylish watch that will become your loyal assistant!


SU20 smartwatch, Elegant and Versatile!

If you are in the market for a statement smartwatch that is classy but can be worn daily, the smartwatch SU20 is the perfect fit! With shiny silver mesh bracelet in Stainless Steel and silver case, adorned by a decorative wreath of seconds. This smartwatch is the perfect combination of timeless style and technology. You may find it in silver mesh bracelet and also in black, blue, red, yellow silicone strap!


SG35 smartwatch, For the fitness lovers.

If you are thinking on investing in a smartwatch that is more practical and functional that a glamorous accessory, then the smartwatch SG35 will fit perfectly! This ergonomically designed smartwatch has more than 20 Sports Mode, from Step Counter to Calories and even a function that allows us to take photos with your smartphone directly from your smartwatch screen. Discover it in black silicone strap color or military green.


ST30 smartwatch, Go bold or Go home.

For all who want to go to the next level and stop in nothing in order to achieve their goals, the men’s smartwatch ST30 is the ideally assistant! With wide black or khaki silicone strap and overall well-built look, this smartwatch will allow you to enjoy your outdoor activities without anxiety thanks to its long-lasting battery. It is available in our official eshop or on any authorized retailer closer to you.


SQ22 smartwatch, luxury on your wrist.

In case you prefer more delicate models the smartwatch SQ22 is designed for you! Unsurpassed design with elegant brown or blue leather bracelet and silver case with fully colorful touch screen that has all the functions you seek in a smartwatch! Get it before it is out stock!


Don wait any longer, buy one of DAS.4’s smartwatches and enhance your look technologically and with style! Fins them available today, online in our official eshop or at any authorized retailer closer to you!

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