A few words about DAS.4

At a time when countless digital applications and new devices compete for our attention, one cannot help but wonder: What is truly useful? What can actually make our lives easier? This question lies at the heart of the philosophy of the DAS.4 smartwatches which combine high aesthetics with very good value for money.

The brand was created in 2018, a time when our company discovered a need for technological advancement both for new generations and for people of all ages with interest in technology.

It is easy to understand what the DAS.4 brand represents by its initials. Design Activity Sports and 4 product categories (1. Smartwatches for Gents, 2. Smartwatches for Ladies, 3. Analog Quartz Watches for Gents and 4. Analog Quartz Watches for Ladies).

Our journey began for all those who wanted freedom of movement by combining technological accessories with easy access and simple management. But in 2022 we decided that we wanted to expand our collection for all those who appreciate high aesthetics and want basic functions! This is how our Quartz Analog collection was created.

Aiming at modern designs and colors, we offer high quality products and their accompanying materials at an affordable retail price for everyone, below 99€ (104US$).

Our Company Timebox S.A., was established in 1918. With more than 100 years of experience in manufacturing and the distribution of watches in Greece as well as exporting in 14 Countries worldwide, our brand DAS.4 will not disappoint with its smart functionalities and its unique and detailed design.