A few words about DAS.4

It’s easy to understand what the brand DAS.4 represents once you learn what its name stands for: Digital Active Smartwatch. As for the number 4, it indicates that DAS.4 smartwatches are ranked 1 through 4, with increasing capabilities for each category.

At a time when countless digital applications and new devices compete for our attention, one can’t help but wonder: What is truly useful? What can actually make our lives easier? This question lies at the heart of the philosophy of the DAS.4 smartwatches, which combine high aesthetics with very good value for money.

The DAS.4 brand values simplicity, which is becoming ever more essential as our lives are becoming ever more complicated. For this reason, the brand ranks the DAS.4 smartwatches by four categories with different features and increasing capabilities, so that consumers can choose according to their needs without distractions from functions they will never take advantage of.

The smartwatches are divided into the following categories:

1: Models with an LCD digital display for the time, with timer, notifications etc. No phone, Internet, or Anadigit connectivity. Models with both an LCD and analogue display, to simultaneously show the time in clock form.

  • For those who appreciate a high aesthetic and want basic functions, while safeguarding their privacy.

2: Functional with a variety of functions, such as barometer, altimeter (for mountain sports), health metrics, weather forecast with weather indicators, bike functions for bikers etc. No phone or Internet connectivity.

  • For more athletic types, who want practical information.

3: Connected, with phone notifications, SMS and email, as well as various displays for time and date,  chronograph,  heart rate etc.

  • For those who want freedom of movement and digital applications with easy access and simple management.

4: Smartwatch with full connectivity, plus numerous additional functions, displays and capabilities.

For those with high technological demands, who want applications which streamline their busy daily life.

Choose wisely from these four categories and you will have around your wrist a smartwatch which will offer you, not only ease of movement, but also additional benefits depending on its special characteristics, which range from helping you with time management and adopting habits that will enhance your physical fitness (like walking or jogging), to restricting your phone use and recording health metrics with high accuracy; in fact, this data is so accurate that in the future it will probably be utilized to document our medical history.

What’s important is that you’re in control as you don’t just measure time, but you make it more productive, using DAS.4 to simplify and enjoy your life.