Valentine’s Day Gifts: What Are The Best Suggestions For Men And Women? Valentine’s Day on Sunday, February 14, 2021 is approaching. If you too belong to those who celebrate it, then you may aw well think from now on what will you gift your other half. We have written this article to help you find unique suggestions.

When Valentine’s Day started?

Yes, it is known that February 14 has been established for many years as “Valentine’s Day”. Its origin, although difficult to determine exactly, is said to have originated from an ancient Roman festival known as Lupercalia. During the three days of February 13-15, the inhabitants of Ancient Rome honored the God of fertility, the Lupercus, with large fiestas in the streets of the city. However, this changed once and for all in 496, when Pope Palacios also established February 14th as Valentine’s Day.

How did the custom of exchanging gifts for Valentine’s Day come about?

The connection of celebration with love emerged many centuries later. During the 14th and 15th centuries, popular English writers began to refer to this day as “lovers day” in their writings. Its absolute establishment came in the 18th century, when lovers began to exchange cards and gifts to prove their love for their partner.

What is an original Valentine’s Day gift today?

Of course, in 2021, Valentine’s Day gifts have evolved and do not necessarily resemble those of the 18th century. Cards, flowers and traditional teddy bears remain the must-haves of the day, as long as they are accompanied by a central gift that steals the show. For this holiday, most people prefer jewellery or watches. But we at DAS.4 believe that it is time to turn the data upside down and give your boy or girl one of the top smartwatches in our collection!

Smartwatch for Valentine’s Day gift: 3+1 reasons to choose it!

But why choose a DAS.4 smartwatch among all those Valentine’s Day gifts? The advantages of making such a move are many and there is no question! Choose such a smart gift because:

It’s original

Smartwatches have been in the global and Greek market for a few years now. Thus, your partner is very likely not to have or wear an older generation smartwatch with outdated design and features.

It fits every man or woman

The new DAS.4 series contains unisex options such as the SL14 Stainless steel bracelet smartwatch. Of course, there are also purely feminine proposals such as the new SG30 smartwatch with rose metallic case and pink powder matte silicone strap.

Equipped with the most modern smart functions

What can one say about the new DAS.4 smartwatch series that is equipped with a range of unique tech capabilities? Including:

  • They have multiple Sports Mode (see SG05)
  • Have Sleep Monitor (see SG08)
  • Function with a SIM card (see SG10)
  • Have remote camera and music control (see SL20)
  • Mesure our body temperature (see SG30)
  • Mesure* the oxygen and the pressure in the blood (see SG22)

+1 A smartwatch is a fashionable accessory

All DAS.4 smartwatches combine the magic of jewellery with the psychology of… watch! That is why, in addition to their indisputable technological capabilities, they are designed based on the latest trends. Thus, they succeed and attract all eyes on them, just like jewellery!

Valentine’s Day Gifts with the signature of DAS.4

Are you looking original proposals in smartwatch gifts for Valentine’s Day? Or are you looking for the smartwatch that you will gift yourself? Find the one that suits your partner or your…hand through the new collection of DAS.4 at Complete your order electronically, easily and quickly, or visit today your nearest authorised retailer throughout Greece!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

*  Note: A smartwatch does not replace any medical device and does not make accurate, but approximate measurements. Always utilize each of his health functions with the specialized guidance of your treating physician.

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