Smartwatch fitness, our daily health ally! With technology constantly evolving, the new generation of DAS.4 smartwatches is coming to incorporate applications and features that really take care of you to be healthy, to exercise properly and feel healthy at all times. As long as you wear them on your wrist, they are constantly tracking a number of important indicators for your body, while they also suggest solutions to improve your training, sleep and your entire daily life. But what are all the reasons why it’s really worth choosing?

Get a smartwatch fitness because

1. It will monitor your heart rate in real time

Keeping track of your heart rate and blood pressure is extremely important for your health. The SG14, DA.4’s top fitness smartwatch, is equipped with a real time heart rate monitor that helps you monitor your fitness levels and your daily blood pressure. In addition, it has an oxygen and calories counter.

2. It will become your new personal trainer

Everything is now on your wrist! Choose the right fitness smartwatch and record data from your walk, jogging or your performance in your favorite sport. The SG04, thanks to its state-of-the-art technology, provides you with complete information on cycling, swimming and fitness, as well as suggestions to improve your performance.

3. It will guide you through new exciting “adventures”

Take the next step and enjoy a real mountaineering test on the mountains! Thanks to its built-in GPS the SG12 is able to detect your position, while it is also equipped with a gyroscope, altimeter and excellent geomagnetic support. It also has a sim card slot, so you can make your calls wherever you are, directly from your mobile.

4. It will accompany your every step with…music!

Don’t stop enjoying your favorite playlist while exercising! Reach your goals with music, choosing songs from your new SG08 smartwatch. Equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 technology that makes it ideal for wireless communication using earbuds, while supporting remote control of music!

5. It will help you sleep better

The best fitness smartwatches won’t stop recording intelligent statistics even during your sleep. The new SL16 records the entire cycle of your night’s rest, evaluating it and proposing solutions to improve it.

6. It will become your ally against sedentary lifestyle

One of the main enemies of good health is sedentary lifestyle. Fortunately, every DAS.4 fitness smartwatch, like the new SL14 smartwatch, is equipped with a reminder function that alerts you to get up from your couch or desk.

7. It will help you stay in “touch” with your people!

Who said communication only happens over the phone? The SG10 is not just a fitness smartwatch, but a complete gadget with the ability to make calls and use speakerphone. This way, you will be able to communicate with friends and colleagues, even during your workout.

+1. A smartwatch fitness is really comfortable in the wrist!

It is important for every fitness smartwatch to offer a comfortable fit on your wrist. That’s why the DAS.4 smartwatch designs all its watches based on comfort and ergonomics, such as the SG08. Whether you choose it with a plastic or with a leather strap, it remains just as light and convenient, so that you can enjoy your every activity without interruption.

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