Biometric watch, the ultimate gadget for monitoring your physical condition. Now, the new generation DAS.4 smartwatches incorporate functions that record and analyze our individual biological data to improve our health and well-being. In the text that follows, you will get to know the most important functions and how they can change your daily life.

Biometric watch: These are the functions that make the difference.

1. It counts your every step.

First, a biometric watch should be able to accurately measure your steps. This setting is default and is performed automatically on each new DAS.4 smartwatch with biometric functions.

2. Records every distance you travel.

Home – work, work – gym or supermarket – kindergarten? Measure every distance you walk, as well as the exact time of your trip, with your new biometric smartwatch. The SG14 smartwatch will not only follow you every step of the way but will also record it with absolute accuracy.

3. It monitors the rhythms of your heart.

Measure your heart rate throughout the day, thanks to your new DAS.4 SG05 biometric smartwatch. Take advantage of this opportunity to raise the level of your athletic training based on your heart rate.

  1. Analyzes the quality of your sleep.

While you sleep, your smart biometric watch will automatically and accurately measure both your time and the quality of your sleep. So, wear your SG08 smartwatch during your sleep and find out how much, but also how you sleep thanks to the sleep monitoring function.

5. Biometric watch in the role of… personal trainer!

The measurements of a new generation biometric smartwatch include the ability to record our performance in various sports. The SL20 smartwatch, the new arrival of DAS.4, offers you multiple analysis of a variety of indoor or outdoor sports, while it is also ideal for more specialized sports such as climbing.

6. Records the calories you burn.

Along with the ability to analyze sports, the top biometric smartwatches on the market, such as the SG12 smartwatch, also measure the calories you burn during your workout. Thus, you can adjust the exercise book, but also your diet, according to your needs.

7. It even works as a thermometer!

How many times would you wish to have a thermometer somewhere near you to record your body temperature? Now, with the biometric capabilities of the new SG30 smartwatch you can. This smart watch automatically notifies you every time your temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees, with a minimum deviation of ± 0.2 degrees.

8. Biometric smartwatch with measurement * of your blood pressure…

The right way to measure your blood pressure is your sphygmomanometer, which cannot be replaced. However, the new SG10 smartwatch incorporates special technology that can measure it approximately. By wearing it, you can have a first indication of what it is about, wherever you are.

9… and the oxygen in your blood

The innovative functions of DAS biometric watches do not stop here. With the push of a button on the screen of your SG08 smartwatch  you can in just a few seconds have an approximate estimate measurement of oxygen in your blood. Of course, for accurate measurements, you will need your oximeter.

10. Reminds you when to get up from the couch!

Do you sit in your office chair or on your couch longer than you should? The new SG22 smartwatch has a sedentary reminder function that reminds you whenever you need to take a break.

Discover the biometric watch that suits your needs.

Are you looking for the right biometric watch to control your health and improve the quality of your sports training? Discover the new DAS.4 series of smartwatches with top health features as well as smart features such as:

  • Incoming call directly from your smartwatch
  • Loudspeaker
  • Call, SMS & Social media notifications
  • Compass
  • Geomagnetic support
  • Remote control music
  • Remote camera

So, go to today to choose the one that best suits your needs and get it with a 2-year warranty. You can also try it up close at your nearest DAS.4  authorized retailers.

Note: A smartwatch does not replace any medical device and does not make accurate, but approximate measurements. Always utilize each of his health functions with the specialized guidance of your treating physician.

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