Smartwatch with SIM card, the most advanced tech gadget that combines smart functions with the possibility of communication. It is no coincidence that more and more of us are choosing it as our main gadget. Combining all the modern functions of a smartwatch and a mobile phone, it is the ideal choice for smartwatch lovers who:

  • Need a second device in case of emergency, such as in case the smartphone runs out of battery
  • They do not like the use of bluetooth headsets
  • They do not always have access to theirmobile phone or the distances of the bluetooth from the smarptphone are quite long

In addition, a smartwatch can be extremely useful for our little friends, giving them the opportunity to contact their parents easy.

Smartwatch with a SIM card by DAS.4

Nowdays it’s easy to find a smartwatch with a SIM card. However, DAS.4 responds to your real needs and has created for you the most unique branded smart watches with the ability to make calls. We suggest to you:

SG10 smartwatch with a youthful sports design

This is the watch that was made to make your life easy. It can function with a SIM card that allows you to make your calls with one touch on the dial. At the same time, it is a complete smartwatch with advanced functions such as: remote camera function, remote control music and the possibility of loudspeaker.

It’s is available in two color swatches: red-black & green-black

Price: €119,00

SG12 smartwatch, perfect for sports enthousiasts

Upgrade your daily communication and training with the SG12 smartwatch with SIM card. It is also equipped with a real time heart rate monitor to check your fitness levels as well as your blood pressure. It also has remote music via Bluetooth to enjoy your music while exercising.

It’s available in three color swatches: black-gray, black-red, black-blue

Price: €144,00

SKIDO, the smart watch for kids

But apart from the smartwatch with SIM card for adults, there are also the ones suitable for our little friends. SKIDO is the must-have gadget that they will love thanks to its smart functions and its playful appearance. In addition, thanks to the built-in GPS, it allows parents to track children at any time through an app. This smartwatch also supports the ability to make incoming and outgoing calls to and from predefined numbers.

Discover the SKIDO smartwatch in two color swatches: blue, pink

Price: €99,00

Get your own DAS.4 smartwatch with a SIM card today. 

Are you on the market for the top the top smartwatches? Discover what suits you through the new DAS.4 collection. Here, you will find unique gadgets with top features such as:

  • Real time heart rate monitor
  • Sleep monitor
  • GPS
  • Sedentary reminder
  • Sports mode
  • Remote music control
  • Remote camera conterol
  • Loudspeaker

Complete your purchases today at or visit your nearest DAS.4 authorised retailer throughout Greece.

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