Sports watches, the gadgets of the new generation that have won a place in the training of every trainee or athlete. This is a special category of smartwatch which is equipped with GPS and offers innovative functions and applications that record, but also improve our athletic performance. But what exactly are all the features that make them stand out and what are the new smartwatches that integrate them? Find out more in the text that follows.

Sports watches: Their 6 functions that change your workout.

The choice of a watch depends on its use. That is why sports watches are aimed at people who care about their physical health and try to improve it through regular exercise and the adoption of a healthy lifestyle. Among other things, they offer features such as:

1. Heart rate monitoring

This is the most important function of any fitness smartwatch. Thanks to the new DAS.4 smartwatches real-time heart rate monitoring technology, you can have an accurate personal measurement of your heart rate in real time. Based on your heart rate, you can adjust your athletic training accordingly, raising or lowering its intensity when needed.

2. Analysis of multiple sports

The new generation sports watches not only record your athletic performance but can also evolve into the best personal trainer you have ever had. So, put on your new DAS.4 smartwatch and let it record and guide you in your training. Indicatively, the new DAS.4 SG22  and SL20 smartwatches support accurate data tracking for indoor and outdoor sports, running, hiking, climbing, and walking.

3. Measurement of blood pressure

DAS.4 new generation sports watches, such as the SG12 smartwatch , can also monitor blood pressure at approximate values. This is an extremely useful function for those who want to control their blood pressure before, during and after training. Wear the smartwatch on your left or right wrist and measure its price in real time. So, you can have a first indication of your blood pressure wherever you are. Of course, for more accurate measurements you should use a sphygmomanometer.

4. Measurement of oxygen in the blood (SpO2)

A blood oxygen test is always welcome before a workout. In fact, when our oxygen levels have plunged, it is best to avoid it. Whenever the oxygen saturation in the blood is lower than 95%, experts suggest that we rest. So, if you want to control the control of oxygen in the blood, then it is important to get an oximeter. For an approximate estimate of the SpO2 level, you can also use the new SG08 smartwatch .

5. Scientific sleep monitoring

Good sleep is the basis for a quality daily life, resting our body and mind from daily stress. The DAS.4 series of smartwatches is equipped with the ability to record sleep. So, while you sleep, your smartwatch monitors your heart rate, analyzes your breathing, and records valuable data on its quality.

6. Sitting reminder function

Do you spend several hours of your day in the office chair or on the couch? Sedentary lifestyle has been proven to have negative consequences for our physical condition, but also for our health in general. DAS.4 sports watches turn against sedentary lifestyle, reminding you whenever you need to take a break to get up, walk and feel better, thus combating its daily effects.

Sports watches: Discover the new proposals of DAS.4

DAS.4, the most dynamically growing brand in sports watches, has created and offers you suggestions that can perfectly meet the needs of your training and more. This is a complete smartwatch range with great features for your daily training, as well as top communication and entertainment functions such as:

  • Data storage for at least 7 days
  • SIM call support
  • Loudspeaker
  • Barometer, Altitude
  • Notifications for Whatsapp, Viber, Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, News etc.
  • Weather
  • Vibrating Anti-lost alert
  • Remote camera
  • Bluetooth music synchronization

So, go to today, discover her suggestions and choose the one that suits you. Of course, you can always make your purchases in the company’s products and through our authorized retailers throughout Greece.

* Sports watches are not a substitute for any medical device and do not measure accurately, but approximately. Always use their functions with the specialized guidance of your treating physician.

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