Sports watches, the absolute trend of the season. It is the ideal choice for activities and sports such as running, swimming, and cycling. So, if you are thinking of getting your own, then it is important to do some market research to find the one that suits you based on your needs. But let us look at some of the most important innovations they bring to our lives, from the simplest to the ones we do not expect!

These are the most important functions that sports watches offer us

1. Oscilloscope function, necessary for everyone

Thanks to the oscilloscope function *, you can now record your pulses in real time. This will help you especially during your sports training, so that you can adjust it, increasing or decreasing its intensity.

2. Sitting reminder function, the beginning of a better life!

To change your daily routine, you must first start simple. Fight the sedentary lifestyle and its consequences with the sedentary reminder function of your SG14 smartwatch.

3. Remote control music to enjoy your tunes always and everywhere

One of the best friends of exercise is music and specifically… your favorite workout playlist. Did you know that you can now select songs directly from your SG08 smartwatch? Take advantage of SG08’s “remote control music” function and enjoy your workout more!

4. Sleep recording for a healthy mind and body

Good sleep is essential for a life full of quality. Now, you can use your new SG10 smartwatch to monitor your sleep and record both its duration and quality.

5. Multiple sports analysis, the top function of sports watches

Running, hiking, climbing, or walking? Whatever the type of workout you love, then the SL20 smartwatch‘s multiple sports analysis will be extremely useful. The new DAS.4 watch is also equipped with features such as: blood pressure measurement, blood oxygen measurement, pacemaker, and calorie measurement.

6. IP68 waterproof

Are you a fan of swimming? Enjoy it with your ally SG04 smartwatch, which has IP68 certification for freshwater resistance, without momentum, for up to 1.5 m depth and half an hour full immersion.

+1. Ability to make calls

Do you want to not miss a call while exercising? If so, then you need a sports watch with a sim card slot, so that you can make your calls wherever you are, directly from your mobile phone. Discover today the SG12 smartwatch, the leading DAS.4 smartwatch with a SIM card slot.

Discover the top DAS.4 sports watches

Are you looking for a new watch that will become the ally in your daily life, but also your personal trainer? DAS.4 was created to offer you solutions that combine top sports features, high quality, and value for money. Go to today and discover the new sports watches, choosing the one that best suits your needs.


* A smartwatch with health functions such as heart rate, blood pressure or oxygen measurement does not make the measurements accurately, but approximately. In no case does it replace medical equipment.

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