Smartwatches, the gadgets of the new era that make time flow… digitally! But what makes them different is not the way they measure time. These are complete technology solutions that improve your daily communication, entertainment, and even your sports training, thanks to their innovative functions such as:

  • SMS & Social media Notifications
  • Weather
  • Compass
  • Geomagnetic support
  • Remote music
  • Remote camera
  • SIM card support for direct calls from the smartwatch
  • Loudspeaker
  • Menstruation notice
  • Multiple sports analysis
  • Body temperature measurement with an accuracy of ± 0.2 degrees
  • Estimation of blood oxygen (approximate) *
  • Heart rate monitor (approximate) *
  • Blood pressure assessment (approximate) *

Which smartwatch suits your needs?

The possibilities of the new generation smartwatches are truly amazing. However, some of them may not perfectly suit your needs or your aesthetics. That is why it is important to choose a reliable solution that will meet your requirements perfectly, but at the same time will respect your available budget. To help you make the best choice, we have compiled for you the new top proposals of DAS.4 depending on your priorities Are you ready to discover them?

Among the new DAS.4 smartwatches that stand out are…

1. The new SG30 smartwatch, the most stylish wearable!

Do you want to always be in fashion? The new  SG30 smartwatch is a real piece of jewellery that will fit perfectly in your hand, drawing all eyes on it. What makes it stand out is the square shape of its dial, which is ideally framed by a metal frame in black, blue Olympic mat, pink powder mat. In fact, its square screen displays even more content compared to the classic round screens, while it also can customize graphics. It is also an excellent choice for those who work out, as it is equipped with a multi-sport analysis function. It even can measure temperature and has menstrual notifications for women.

2. SG10 smartwatch with SIM card that takes your communication to the next level.

Do you need a second phone number that will facilitate your daily communication? Or are you looking for a smartwatch that will allow you to answer your calls without having to pick up your phone? The SG10 smartwatch with SIM card is the watch that will take off your communication, while it also supports the possibility of loudspeaker. With this smartwatch you can also enjoy the most modern functions on the market such as: pedometer, heart rate monitor, social media notification and remote camera.

3. SG14, the smartwatch that takes care of your health.

Put your health above all else by choosing one of the smartwatches with health and wellness functions, such as the SG14 smartwatch. It is equipped with state-of-the-art sensors for monitoring heart rate, oxygen and blood pressure. It also has a pedometer, distance and calorie counter, sleep monitoring, and a sedentary reminder function. Its advantages, however, do not stop here, as it maintains a history of activities, while offering the ability to operate the camera remotely.

  • The SG14 is available in 2 color variants: black & black-green
  • Price: € 109,00

 4. SG12, the top DAS.4 fitness smartwatch

The top proposal of DAS.4 in smartwatches is the  SG12 series, the ultimate watch for your sport and communication. This smartwatch with real time heart rate monitor helps you monitor your fitness levels and daily pressure while storing data for at least 7 days. It has an advanced GPS for sport motion trail, which accurately locates where you are. It is also equipped with a gyroscope, altimeter, and excellent geomagnetic support, while it also functions as a watch – phone, as it supports calls from a SIM card.

5. SL20 smartwatch , one of the most complete proposals in smartwatch watches

With an impressive appearance, excellent quality of construction and materials, as well as a variety of functions, the SL20 smartwatch is undoubtedly a complete proposal that stands out at all levels. With the ability to make / receive / reject calls directly from its screen, it will literally free your hands in your communication. Of course, it is also a complete fitness smartwatch with multiple sports analysis, blood pressure, blood oxygen monitor, calorie counting and many more useful functions.

Discover the highest quality smartwatch watches on the market!

Which is the DAS.4 smartwatch that will perfectly meet your needs? The new line of the most dynamic technology brand is waiting for you to discover it, offering you proposals that stand out for its design, quality, and advanced functions. Make the choice that suits you now and get it with a click on or at your nearest authorized retailer.

* Note: A smartwatch does not replace any medical device and does not make accurate, but approximate measurements. Always utilize each of his health functions with the specialized guidance of your treating physician.

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