Smartwatch with SIM card, a special gift for you or your loved ones. This is a solution that is aimed at people who are looking for a smartwatch with possibilities beyond the ordinary. One such case is none other than the SG12 smartwatch. But for what reasons is it worth choosing?

A modern smartwatch with SIM card offers you:

1 # Ability to make calls

For many of us, one of the criteria for buying a smartwatch is whether it accepts a SIM card or not. The SG12 smartwatch is SIM compatible and has the ability to make calls, just like with a smartphone. Use it either as a device for your primary phone number or as a device for your second number.

2 # It has a loudspeaker

This is an extremely useful feature, especially for those who drive or are constantly on the move and need to have their hands free from holding a device. This is the advantage of listening to SG12 openly.

3 # Social Media Notifications

In addition to a smartwatch with SIM, the SG12 offers you the ability to watch all your favorite social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Viber, WhatsApp, Messenger and many more popular applications. Furthermore, you receive in real time all the notifications that interest you.

4 # Bluetooth connection with headphones

The best friend of a smartwatch with a SIM card is none other than the right headphones. Enjoy every call or your favorite music from your SG12 smartwatch with the new AR01 wireless headphones. With just one hour of charging, they ensure talking and listening to music for up to 5 hours.

5 # All the top functions that interest you!

If you are not looking for a smartwatch with a SIM card that simply makes calls, but a high-end smartwatch with the most technologically advanced functions, then your choice is one: the new SG12 smartwatch from DAS.4. It also has a heart rate monitor, data storage for at least 7 days, as well as geomagnetic support, vibrating alarm and wrist sensor.

+ 2 years warranty for every purchase of a new SG12 smartwatch with SIM card

Each of our purchases is important to be reliable, as well as to be accompanied by a strong guarantee and a high level of After Sales Services. In order to be sure of your choice, TIMEBOX S.A., exclusive distributor of the DAS.4 brand in Greece, covers you with a 2-year warranty. Get your new SG12 smartwatch now with a SIM card online through or visit your nearest DAS.4 authorised retailer all over Greece.

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