Smartwatch, prices and features. If you are ready to wear the ultimate gadget on your wrist, then this article will inform you about the best new market proposals. So, you will definitely make the best choice based on your real needs. Let’s take a look at the smartwatches that stand out by category.

1. The best mid-range Smartwatch + prices

Are you ready to choose your new smartwatch? Don’t settle for less than your full potential. Choose a smartwatch that combines modern design, fitness features and of course real time notifications for your calls, sms and emails. The SL12 smartwatch at € 84.00, will offer you all the above. In addition, it is equipped with a remote camera function.

2. The top smartwatch with health features + prices

Health and well-being is a priority for all of us. Take the step yourself and choose a health smart watch with useful and innovative functions such as: heart rate monitor, calorie counter, blood oxygen meter, blood pressure meter and water consumption reminder. You will find all of these at SG14 at € 109.00.

3. Smartwatch… «phone» + prices

Do you want to answer calls directly from your smartwatch? Now DAS.4 offers you the ability to call and answer them using the new SG10 smartwatch, which has a built-in microphone and speaker. It also has a remote camera, remote control music function and the feature of speakerphone and all of these with a price of 119.00 €.

4. Τhe no1 fitness smartwatch + prices

Do you love sports and want to develop your workout with the top fitness smartwatch? The SG12 will always support you everywhere. It is equipped with a real time heart rate monitor to monitor the levels of your physical condition and your daily blood pressure. The model is equipped with GPS, precision compass, geomagnetic support, and has a SIM card slot to enjoy your phone calls wherever you are. Its price starts from € 144.00.

DAS.4 Smartwatches with outstanding prices

Wondering which smartwatch will meet your needs? Discover the new line of DAS.4 with features that make a difference both for their high aesthetics and for their functionality, always at prices that make them worthy. Discover our new collection at

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