Smart wristwatch, an essential gadget for the modern man. We all need a reliable ally for our training, health, wellness and daily activities. This is none other than a new generation smartwatch with a plethora of modern features that promise to make our lives better. So if you are thinking of making such a purchase, then we suggest you read the text that follows. Here, you will find all the new features and innovations of the top market proposals.

Smart watch: These are its top 10 functions

1. It adapts to your style!

Each DAS.4 smartwatch stands out for its design which can be styled with every outfit. Discover the new SL14 smartwatch and choose the version that suits you with a strap or metal bracelet. You can also change the appearance of its dial by choosing one of its modern screen displays!

2. A smart smartwatch that counts your steps…

Do you love walking, jogging or running? If so, then you know how important a reliable pedometer is. This function is one of the most common in smartwatches. In reality, however, few models perform it with the utmost precision, such as those of DAS.4.

3. …Or the pulses of your heart

If you are looking for a smart tool that measures your heart rate in real time, then you do have to take a look at the new DAS.4 smartwatches series. Their measurements can help you improve the quality of your workout, adjusting its intensity accordingly.

4. Notifies you when you need to get up from the desk or couch!

Do you forget and don’t take regular breaks at work? Or do you belong to those who enjoy non-stop TV series? Whatever you do during your day, do not let go and do not forget to walk at regular intervals. What is certain is that wearing an SL20 smartwatch with a sedentary reminder function, you will never forget it again.

5. With a smartwatch you never miss notifications

Are you anxiously awaiting that email from the office? Do you want to know at all times what is happening in the world of your Facebook friends? Or do you need to stay stand-by to pick up that call you are waiting for on Viber? With the new SG22 smartwatch, one thing is for sure: you will not miss a notification either!

6. Use the loudspeaker from your smartwatch!

Do you drive and can’t talk on the phone? No problem! Now, you can talk directly from your smartwatch ! The new SG10 smartwatch was made to solve your… hands and to facilitate your daily communication! It also has the ability to record calls and keep a record. How cool is that?

7. Check the weather!

Get a cardigan or not? Or is it better to get an umbrella because the weather can suddenly deteriorate from time to time? Before you leave home, take a look at your new SG05 smartwatch to stay up to date!

8. Operate your mobile phone camera from your smartwatch

If you love photography, then this feature will be extremely useful. Turn on the Bluetooth of your SG14 smartwatch, press its button and take a photo directly from your smartphone.

9. Monitor the quality of your sleep

How many times have you been asked “how did you sleep yesterday”? So instead of answering them with a general “good”, answer them with real data. The SG08 smartwatch will monitoer and evaluate the quality of your sleep, so you know exactly how you sleep!

10. Measure the oxygen levels in your blood

Our good health and its protection is everything. This is something that DAS.4 people know very well. Thus, the SG08 smartwatch can measure the approximate levels of oxygen in your blood, offering you a first assessment before consulting your doctor! So, we are talking about a valuable health ally.

Choose your own smartwatch

Are you looking for a really smart watch that combines unparalleled aesthetics, top functions, but also value for money philosophy? Discover the new smartwatch series with the signature of DAS.4 with infinite possibilities that will make your daily life better.

Get today the smartwatch that suits your needs through or visit our authrorised retailers throughout Greece.

Note: No smartwatch replaces medical devices and does not make accurate, but approximate measurements. Always utilize every health function with the specialized guidance of your treating physician.

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