Fitness watch, the gadget that promises and will become your new ally, friend, personal trainer, but also a companion in your moments! Do you remember the quarantine when you stayed home cooking recipes from YouTube and enjoying more food and sweets than you should? So now, the era has changed. Time to find your form again and adopt a more sporty and healthy lifestyle. In any case, remember that you are no longer alone in your endeavor, as you have with you the SG30 smartwatch, the new impressive fitness smartwatches with the square dial and the signature of DAS.4.

Why acquire a fitness watch in your life?

The technology of smartwatches is constantly advancing and now integrates functions and apps that will help you maintain your weight, exercise more properly and improve the quality of your sleep. The new SG30 smartwatch incorporates all these new innovations, combining them with a design that you will really love. The reasons to get it are really many and important. Among other things, this is a fitness watch that…

1. Measures blood pressure, breaths, steps and calories

The only thing that does not count a modern fitness watch from DAS.4 are the… waves. Choose the one that suits you and record approximately the blood pressure, the breaths, the steps, as well as the calories that you burn during the exercise. These are extremely important functions that will help you raise the level of your daily training.

2. It will become your personal trainer!

Running, walking, cycling, climbing, treadmills, yoga, swimming, basketball… Enjoy your favorite sport or gym with the help of your new DAS.4 SG30 smartwatch. This beautiful fitness watch has top capabilities in sports analysis and will become the coach you have always dreamed of.

3. Records your body temperature!

How would you like to be informed at all times about your body temperature accurately? Now, the new stylish SG30 smartwatch automatically notifies you when your temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees. And yes, this feature will be extremely useful, especially in this day and age. It is worth noting that its accuracy is high, with a deviation of ± 0.2 points.

4. Fights sedentary lifestyle

Sedentary lifestyle, meaning the excessive inactivity makes you prone to disease. In addition it causes a reduction in blood circulation and fluid retention in the lower extremities. So put on your SG30 smartwatch and let it remind you when to get up from your couch or desk, taking the break you need.

5. A real fitness watch also supports you during sleep

A real fitness watch, like the SG30 smartwatch, not only supports you while you are awake, but also during your sleep. It has another special sensor that records intelligent statistics while you sleep, evaluates the quality of sleep and suggests solutions to sleep better.

6. Informs you about the menstrual cycle

The innovations brought by the SG30 smartwatch do not cease to amaze you. Record your menstrual cycle and get the predictions for its most difficult days. This way, you will be fully prepared to deal with them properly.

7. The SG30 is one of the most beautiful fitness watches on the market

Are you looking for a watch that combines fitness functions with an impressive presentation? If so, then we at DAS.4 are absolutely certain that the SG30 smartwatch will surely steal your heart with its square dial, high-end graphics on its screen, and its 3 unique colors:

Choose today your new fitness watch from DAS.4, in the color of your choice, through or visit our closest authorised retailer in Greece.

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