Christmas gift ideas: what are the ones that will steal the impressions and give smiles to our loved ones? The holidays are approaching and the best way to lift the mood of the people we love is to offer them a unique gift. So, to help you in your effort to find it and choose it, we have gathered our best suggestions.

This is the perfect Christmas gift idea!

The moment of choosing the gift is near and your choices are endless. But those that combine originality with usability are far fewer than you think. From the moment you look for the “recipe” for the most successful gift for your loved one, then your best choice is none other than the appropriate wearable. So, let’s make things more specific, offering you ASAP the best Christmas gift suggestions for friends, family and… for yourself!

Christmas gift ideas for men

The watch is an integral accessory of men’s style. The smartwatch, however, is its natural evolution, as it comes to add to it valuable functions for your sport, health, and daily entertainment. Among the top men’s options in smartwatches with the signature of DAS.4 we single out:

1. The SG22 smartwatch, the ideal gift for classic types

For those who have a weakness for the classic version of the watch with a silicone strap with a leather look for greater durability, the SG22 smartwatch  is the ideal gift. With an analog wristwatch look, it is equipped with a digital display and options between 4 different dials, designed to provide clear indications of time and activities throughout the day. In addition, it has all the functions of a modern smartwatch such as social media alerts, camera, and music control, as well as exercise recording function, depending on the type of training.

2. The SG10 smartwatch, the smartwatch – telephone

If you are looking for that smartwatch gift that will make a difference, then the suggestion we have for you is the special SG10 smartwatch . This is a very modern and impressive model that was made to make the life of the wearer more beautiful and, above all, easier. Equipped with a SIM card slot and loudspeaker, it can also function comfortably as a second phone. At the same time, it has an Anti – lost alert with vibration so that you never lose sight of it!

3. The SG12 smartwatch, the best DAS.4 gadget

The best always deserves the best! The  SG12 smartwatch is one of the top proposals of DAS.4, as it offers literally everything. It is equipped with a real time heart rate monitor, which helps you monitor your fitness levels. It can act as a phone, as it supports SIM card and handsfree. In addition, it allows music synchronization via Bluetooth, geomagnetic support, alarm vibration and wrist sensor.

Christmas gift ideas for women

For a woman, the watch, in addition to being a useful tool, is also a unique piece of jewellery for her wrist. Therefore, the smartwatch she wears must have a special design, which takes off her every look. If you are looking for the best gift for her, then all you must do is discover the brand-new DAS.4 suggestions:

1. The SG30 smartwatch, the beautiful fitness smartwatch of DAS.4

By design? Love at first sight. From technology? Top notch. If you are looking for the perfect smartwatch to impress her, then your choice is the  SG30 smartwatch . This smartwatch with the square dial that stands out with features such as approximate body temperature measurement and menstrual alert will become her new best friend. After you who will give it to her…

2. The SL20 smartwatch in Rose Gold shade

The beautiful SL20 in the shade of Rose Gold could not be missing from the top DAS.4 proposals. With a call display reminiscent of… smartphone, making / receiving / rejecting calls directly from its screen and loudspeaker, it is made to take your communication to a new level. At the same time, it is an excellent personal trainer who offers multiple analysis for a range of sports (indoor / outdoor, running, hiking, climbing, walking). The SL20 smartwatch is also available with black and silver bracelets. Discover the whole series here.

3. The SL14, the best seller fitness smartwatch, now with a metal bracelet

Not that it ever went out of fashion, but the metal bracelet is now a dynamic trend in smartwatches as well. That is why DAS.4 is launching its best seller, the SL14 smartwatch, also in a version with a metallic black or silver bracelet. In addition to a stylish unisex smartwatch, it is also a reliable fitness smartwatch that synchronizes your body with your mind. It has a wide range of health monitoring functions during the day, with the first and best Sedentary Reminder, which protects you from the routine and the effects of a sedentary life. But in addition to recording daily activities, it also takes care of you during your sleep, with sleep analysis and suggestions for improving it.

Christmas gift ideas for our little friends!

So, once we have identified the ideal smartwatch suggestions for her and for him, it is time to discover the best gift idea for kids! Christmas is the holiday they love the most and the anticipation of their gift from Santa Claus makes it even more magical in their eyes. This holiday season give your little friends the children’s SKIDO smartwatch, the ultimate must-have gadget for their protection 24/7. Parents, through a special app, can be informed at any time about the whereabouts of the children. The smartwatch also supports chat feature with automatic rejection of unknown or non-default numbers.

Discover the best Christmas gift ideas!

Whether we are talking about children or adults, the smartwatch is the ideal gift idea for this Christmas. Original, useful, and impressive, it will steal all the impressions of your dear friends. So, in this year’s gift list, be the first to put the new DAS.4 proposals that combine top features with high build quality and affordable cost. Do your shopping online today through or visit your nearest authorized retailer.

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