Smartwatches, gadgets that are constantly evolving, offering more and more functions in their quiver! But how can they make your daily life smarter, upgrading areas such as fitness, health, entertainment, but also communication with your loved ones? In the text that follows, you will get to know the new smartwatch, the areas in which they stand out, as well as their top features.

Smartwatches: Enjoy their every function

Each DAS.4 smartwatch is distinguished for its design and the functions that make it unique. Choose the one that suits your needs based on its innovative features.

Smart watches: The 5 top health and wellness functions

1. Temperature measurement with special precision sensors

How would feel if your smartwatch informed you every time your body temperature exceeded 37.5 degrees? The SG30 series  is one of the few smartwatches that can do it! It has precision sensors that measure your temperature at regular intervals and… send you alert when needed!

2. Notice of menstruation!

New era, new generation of smartwatches, new functions such as menstrual alert. With the SG30 smartwatch you record your menstrual cycle and based on the recordings, you receive predictions about when to expect the most difficult days of the month.

3. Sedentary reminder function

There are many times in our lives when we are so absorbed in our work that we forget to even get up from our chair to take the necessary break. The new era smartwatches , such as the SG14 series, remind you when you have to get up from the couch to walk.

4. Measurement of oxygen in the blood

Did you know that the new generation smartwatch can measure even the oxygen in your blood? Wearing your own SG08 smartwatch, you can have an immediate real-time estimate of your blood oxygen levels before consulting your doctor.

5. Measurement of blood pressure with a smartwatch

This is another innovation that can be extremely useful in your daily life. With the new DAS.4 SG10 smartwatch you can have a first indication of your blood pressure wherever you are in real time.

Smart watches: The 5 top fitness functions

1. Measuring steps with absolute accuracy

Your every step is important, especially in running. In fact, if you exercise, then you will surely know the importance of a reliable pedometer. So measure your steps accurately, choosing the ideal DAS.4 smartwatch based on your needs. Is the SL14 series what suits you?

2. Measurement of heart rate for better exercise

Adjust your exercise level based on your heart rate. The new SL20 smartwatch series undertakes to measure your heart rate in real time, so that you can increase or decrease its intensity at the right time.

3. Sports analysis from smart watches

As time goes on, more and more sports are added to the DAS.4 smartwarches analysis. For example, the new DAS.4 SG30 smartwatch can analyze a variety of sports such as: running, walking, cycling, climbing, treadmills, spinning, yoga, swimming and basketball.

4. Gyroscope, altimeter and excellent geomagnetic support

Are you a fan of adventure? Take the next step and enjoy a real mountaineering test with absolute safety! The SG12 smartwatch locates your location thanks to the built-in GPS, while it is also equipped with a gyroscope, altimeter and excellent geomagnetic support.

5. Sleep recording and improvement function

Effective exercise requires good rest! With the new SG10 smartwatch you can get an excellent picture of the quality of your sleep. It will undertake to accurately record every minute of your night rest, dividing your sleep into REM, deep sleep and light sleep. Based on his analysis, he will suggest solutions to improve it!

Smartwatches: The 5 top information and entertainment functions

1. Call, emails and social media notifications

Do you want to be alerted at all times about your new emails without having to have your mobile phone next to you? Do you want to know at any time who is calling you on Viber or what is happening in the world of Facebook and Instagram? Wear the SG22 smartwatch and you will not miss even a notification.

2. Ability to call with handsfree

The season has changed! Make, receive or reject phone calls from νέο your new SL20 smartwatch. This is a beautiful watch that will facilitate your daily communication, as it has an open ear to use it while driving!

3. Operate a smartphone camera directly from your smartwatch

Do you love photography and looking for the perfect angles for a selfie? Place your mobile phone in the right place in the space or landscape, take the right place and take your photo by pressing the button of your new SG14 smartwatch remotely.

4. Customize the dial with the graphics of your choice

“Change” the watch you are wearing, changing the appearance on its dial! Each DAS.4 smartwatch offers you unique choices in graphics, which will definitely set your mood.

5. Listen to music directly from your smartphone

Do you love music? Become the deejay of your daily life, choosing your favorite music directly from your SG22 smartwatch. Ideal choice for those who play sports and want to accompany their exercise with the appropriate musical rhythm.

Discover the top smart watches on the market

Are you looking for the best smartwatches on the market that combine the most innovative functions with top design and value for money philosophy? Discover the new smartwatch series with the signature of DAS.4 with infinite possibilities that will make your daily life better. Get today the smartwatch that suits your needs with a 2-year warranty through You can also visit the nearest store that cooperates with the company. You will find it here.

Note: No smartwatch replaces medical devices and does not make accurate, but approximate measurements. Always utilize every health function with the specialized guidance of your treating physician.

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