Smart digital watches: what are their smart features that stand out? If you need a reliable shopping guide to choose your own, then all you must do is read the text below. Before making any purchase, it is important to know exactly what a smartwatch can offer to your daily sport, entertainment, and communication. So, you will choose the one that best suits your needs, but also fully justifies the cost of obtaining it.

Digital watches: How can they improve your daily life?

Digital watches are smart devices with highly advanced functions, just like smartphones. They integrate lithium-polymer batteries, processor and sensors that give them the ability to support even the most technologically advanced features such as:

1. Call, SMS, Social media notifications directly to the screen of your smartwatch.

Let us start with the basics! The standard function offered by modern digital watches, in addition to the… hour display, is the presentation of the most important notifications of your smartwatch directly on their screen. So, with one movement of your wrist, you can be informed about SMS, calls, messages on Viber, status changes on Facebook and everything else that interests you.

2. Real time heart rate monitoring

See how your heart beats every moment! Heart rate monitoring technology with special sensors provides you with a more efficient and accurate personal measurement of your heart rate at all times. Of course, it is integrated into every new DAS.4 smartwatch.

3. Sleep analysis

While you sleep, your DAS.4 digital watch identifies your sleep state. It can automatically detect when you are sleeping and when you are waking up, as well as if your sleep is light or deep. This sleep data is extremely useful to improve its quality.

4. Precision GPS

Do you know your… position? Smartwatches, such as the SG12 smartwatch, support GPS tracking of your location. This technology is extremely useful because it accurately records all the movements, distances that you travel every day, while it also contributes decisively to the improvement of your sports activity.

5. Sitting reminder function on digital watch

Do you often forget to stand from the office chair or on the couch in front of the tv? In our daily lives, there are times when we are so absorbed in what we do that we forget to even get up to get up and walk for a few minutes. That is why there is the SG14 smartwatch , to help you fight the sedentary life and prevent it’s effects.

6. Multiple sports analysis

Stay fit with your new SL20 smartwatch, which is equipped with sports functions for outdoor or indoor training activities. It will become your personal trainer that will help you record, but also improve your performance.

7. Barometer and altitude

How high can you reach? What is the right path to follow? Top digital watches, such as the SG12 smartwatch, can offer you valuable features such as barometer, altimeter, and compass, which will help you in activities such as hiking or climbing.

8. Play music directly from the smartwatch

What is your favorite song? Choose what you want to hear from your playlist more easily and quickly than ever with a tap on the touch screen of your new SG22 smartwatch . This is a very useful feature, especially when you are running, jogging, or just walking on the street.

9. Remote camera operation

Say “cheese”! Did you know that by connecting your smartphone to your digital watch via Bluetooth, you can operate its camera remotely? So, make the connection to your  SG12 smartwatch and start taking photos and videos with your mobile phone, even if it is not in your hands!

+1. Ability to make calls via Bluetooth

Digital watches have features that make a difference in your communication as well. Thanks to the Bluetooth calling capability of yourSL20 smartwatch, you can make and receive calls wherever you are, during your workout, or when your hands are busy at the wheel. This way, you are always in touch with co-workers, friends, and family.

Digital watches with personalization capabilities and many more functions

The capabilities of the new DAS.4 digital smartwatches do not stop here. Among other things, they incorporate features and innovations that make the difference such as timer, data storage, calorimeter, thermometer, oxygen, and blood pressure measurement approximately * In addition, they are available in unique designs with square or round dial, strap, or bracelets. personalizing their screen with different facades.

Discover now what suits you through our collection at or at any authorized retailer that is closer to you.

* Note: No smartwatch replaces medical devices and does not measure accurately, but approximately. Always utilize every health function with the specialized guidance of your treating physician.

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