Measuring blood pressure with a smartwatch, a new innovation that can be extremely useful in your daily life. In practice, this means that it cannot currently replace measurement with medical devices. However, the indications of a smartwatch that measures blood pressure, contribute in a positive way to the care of your health and well-being.

The evolution of technology in measuring blood pressure

Today, the most reliable way to measure blood pressure is none other than the well-known sphygmomanometers, analog or digital. Analogue sphygmomanometers are essentially pressure gauges that accurately measure blood pressure in our arteries. In recent decades, however, many of us have chosen electronic sphygmomanometers, which capture their measurements digitally. The approximate measurement of blood pressure with a smartwatch is performed digitally, such as the brand new SG10 smartwatch from DAS.4. In fact, their technology is expected to improve in the coming years, offering more and more improved results.

Measuring blood pressure with a smartwatch is not a substitute for medical devices

Just as electronic sphygmomanometers made their appearance in retail, today’s smartwatches are unable to provide accurate measurements. Therefore, it is important to emphasize that in no case can they replace blood pressure monitors or any specialized medical examinations. But what they can offer us is an indication of our blood pressure values ​​at all times, wherever we are, at the push of a button.

Get your own innovative smartwatch with health functions today!

Are you looking for a new generation smartwatch that combines top health features, high quality construction and flawless design? The new SG10 smartwatch from DAS.4 is the answer to your wishes! So, you can have a first indication of your blood pressure wherever you are. It also has a pedometer, heart rate monitor and a sedentary reminder.

But apart from the function of measuring blood pressure, the SG10 smartwatch is also a beautiful, value for money and functional smartwatch that promises to make your life better. With remote camera function, remote control music and loudspeaker, it will literally solve your… hands, facilitating your daily activities. In addition, it is compatible with NANO SIM Card compatible and supports incoming calls.

Make your own new SG10 smartatch today by measuring blood pressure at or at any authorized retailer throughout Greece.

* The values ​​resulting from blood pressure measurements with the new SG10 smartwatch are indicative. The measurements with any smartwatch do not replace those of the medical device of the sphygmomanometer. Always use this function with the specialized guidance of your treating physician.

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